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ConCom Roster

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OryCon 44 ConCom/Staff Roster (2024)


Chair  - Monica Beebe

Vice Chair  - Michael Pinnick, (Czarcasm)

Hotel Liaison  -  Debra Stansbury

Hotel Liaison Second  -

Secretary  -  Anne Davenport

Google Workspace Administrator  -  Rick Lindsley, Lea Rush, David Levine

Treasurer  - Melvin Krehbiel (Wombat)

Treasurer Second  - Rick Lindsley

OSFCI Liaison (appointed by Board)  - PJ Duckhorn

Dealers Market (Dealers Room, Artists Alley, Writers Block)  - Lea Rush

Artists' Liaison - Ruth Sachter

Merchant's Market Second -

Merchant's Market Staff  -       

Programming Head  - Ann Ezell

Programming Second  - Daniel Reitman

Programming Staff  -  Seanara Coyote, Cecilia Eng, Patty Wells, Andrew Nesbitt, Ruth Sachter, Sue Renhard

Programming Technical Support  - Rick Lindsley

Programming: costume track Lead - Kathryn Brant

Programming- readings track lead - Ali Muñiz

Creation Station  - Lissette de la Rose

Creation Station Advisor - Ellen Klowden

Music Track/Room  - 

           Music Second  -

           Music Track Advisor - Linnea Thompson

Open Read and Critiques (ORC)  - 

Masquerade -  Morgan Harris

Video Room -  Alan Olsen


           Gaming Lead -  Petrea Mitchell

Gaming Library Lead  -  Adrian Koester

Opening Ceremonies  -  Morgan Harris

Artifacts  - Lea Rush

Artifacts Second  -

Ribbons Facilitator  -

Hospitality - 

Teen Lounge - Andi Whitney

Fan Lounge  -

Green Room  - Julie Taylor

Green Room Starr  -  Jill Taylor

Info Desk  - Jon Foster (Howitzer) 

Info Desk Staff  - Jessica Blanton

Pocket Program - Dave Moreland

Daily Zine -  Scott Sanford

Fan Tables  - 

Child Care - Ilia Whitney

Accessibility Coordinator  - 

GoH Liaisons

GoH Liaison (Media: Victoria Price  )  - Tracy Bailey

GoH Liaison (Author: David Levine )  -  Heidi Schaub

Party Liaison  - 

Operations Coordinator  - 

    Operations Second  -

Operations Staff  -     

     Logistics  -

           Logistics Second -

     Signage - Dave Moreland

Events Tech ("Large Tech")Lead  -

Staff Training Lead - 

A/V Tech ("Small Tech") Lead  -  

Volunteer Coordinator  -   Renee Pinnick

Volunteers Second  - 

Registration -

Pre-Registration Lead  -  Linda Pilcher

At-Con Registration Lead - Carla D. Viltz

Watch (Security)  -  Clark Beebe

     Watch Second  - 

Main Office Manager -  Skye Selky

Public Relations Coordinator   -  

     Public Relations Second  - 

Ad Sales/swaps  - 

Announcement List Administrator  -  Anne Davenport

Social Media -

Webmaster  - Eleri Hamilton


ConCom Rosters (Past OryCons)



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