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Guests of Honor

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Provided for the GoHs:

  • Membership for themselves and a +1
  • Travel for themselves and a +1
  • Transportation from Airport or Train Station
  • Hotel Room for the duration of the convention. Shoulder nights at the discretion of the chair.
  • Per Diem, $75
  • Favorite non-alcoholic beverage and snacks in the Green Room
  • GoH Dinner*
  • Shirt and whatever artifacts there are
  • GoH Basket, should be in their room on check-in


Expected of the GoHs:

3-6 panels

Compliance with the Panelist Code of Conduct



Expected of the GoH Liaisons:


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18EIZUl_6S0_oo_9cNnwyCiowssIe4w6J80TldbmwnzE/edit?usp=sharing (must be logged into an orycon.org account to view)


In general: these people are giving up a weekend to spend it with us. Courtesy, politeness and helpfulness are some of the skills needed for the job. Being able to keep up with emails and recording the received information is also required.


General Information needed:

  • GoH Name
  • GoH Type
  • Liaison
  • GoH's "+1" Name
  • Arrival Day\Time
  • Departure Day\Time
  • Type of room needed
  • Room reserved by the hotel liaison?
  • Transportation Mode
  • Pre-Pay/ Reimburse Per Diem?
  • Address for Reg
  • # for GoH Dinner
  • Shirt Size
  • Allergies and dietary needs
  • Preferred Snacks
  • Beverages


High points:


  • Establish communication. The GoH's contact information will be provided, and ideally, you will be introduced to the GoH by the person who invited them.
  • Gather the information listed above.
  • Verify travel details, flight times or train arrivals most particularly. A GoH traveling by air or train will need to be transported between the airport\station and the hotel. Options for transportation include a personal car and taxi/Lyft/Uber. A GoH traveling by car will need detailed directions, and we still need an ETA.
  • Connect the GoH to Programming. Make sure they have their survey link for choosing existing panels and suggesting their own.
  • Gather the things for the GoH. For O41, that's an OryCon canvas shopping bag with shirt and assorted welcoming gifts (more on this later). Know where their room is (Ask hotel@). If possible, arrange with the hotel liaison to have the gift bag placed there before their arrival.
  • Fetch the GoH by whichever means necessary, and get them checked into their room and Green Room. Make sure they have a map of the hotel and at least kinda get its funky layout.
  • Accompany the GoH to the GoH Dinner, location TBD. Taxi (etc.) as need be, but there's also carpooling to the restaurant. This is also where they'll receive their per diem from the treasurer.
  • Make sure the GoH knows where her panels are. Accompany her if need be.
  • Make sure they know they're invited to the Dead Dog party if they're staying overnight.
  • Arrange for the GoH traveling by train or plane to get back to the appropriate departure point. 


Suggestions for Gift Baskets


From DeeAnn Sole, Liaison Extraordinaire

"I usually tried to engage each of the GoHs in a little chit-chat to determine some interests, like if they were interested in beer, wine, coffee, chocolates, brewpubs/breakfast/food carts or other things from this area. If so, I tried to grab a couple of those things and/or provide maps to those places.


If that didn't inspire me, I usually went with the things I know people almost always need when away from home: schedule, hydration, health and snacks. 

   * For the schedule, I just printed their schedule and hotel map and marked each day's panels & put everything in a folder.    

   * Hydration is a few liters of water. Maybe a cup to drink it out of.

   * Health is usually sanitizer/wet wipes, individual kleenex, and maybe some lip balm or a tiny first aid kit. For people from a humid climate, I usually include a heavy-duty hand lotion.  

    * For snacks, I try to go for local produce and protein: hazelnuts, pears, apples, trail mixes, salmon jerky, etc. 


And that's it! Just about anything looks pretty if you put tissue in the bag, and a thank-you card in front of it."


Ruth Satcher, Conrunner Extraordinaire

  • 10-15 minute Massage coupon if there's a masseuse on-site
  • Little bottles of hand sanitizer, lotion
  • packets of headache meds and antacids
  • Convention shirt
  • Chocolate
  • snacks
  • fruit
  • beverages
  • Wine\Beer if appropriate




Traditional attendees at the GoH Dinner:






GoH Liaisons


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