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For 2024, OryCon moves back to the Doubletree by Hilton by Lloyd Center

This file contains hotel information, including maps of the hotel:    DoubleTree_by_Hilton_Portland__Hotel_Info_and_Maps__Mar2024.pdf

The Doubletree website (2024) is:   https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/rllc-dt-doubletree-portland/


During 2017-2021 , OryCon has been hosted at the Red Lion on the River, Jantzen Beach

Their address is 909 N Hayden Island Drive, Portland, OR 97217. Their website was www.redlionontheriver.com.


In 2023 this became the Holiday Inn Portland - Columbia Riverfront.

Their address is the same.  Their website is https://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/us/en/portland/pdxhv/hoteldetail.


Hotel Maps

Function Space Map and Dimensions

JB hotel room details.pdf


Orycon 43 Room Assignments:


106/108 Hospitality (kitchen/distribution)
116 Teen Lounge
156 Video A & B
166 Staff Lounge
Creation Station storage
206 Creation Station
216 Green Room
252 Office
  Child Care
  Quiet room
Clackamas Gaming
Clark/Washington Main Events
Flanders Programming (Readings)
Glisan Hospitality (seating)
Grand Ballroom Merchants Market
Grand Ballroom Foyer Registration & Autographs
Jantzen Programming
Lovejoy Programming
Multnomah Tesla Coil Demo
Overton Programming
Pendleton Programming
Pettygrove Programming
Timberline Music
White Stag Programming
Lobby Info Table, Fan Tables



Orycon 42 Room Assignments:


Room What Who
106 Hospitality Hospitality
116 Teen Lounge Staff
152/202 Orykids Programming
156 Video A & B Video
166 Staff Lounge Staff
206 Creation Station Programming
216 Green Room Programming
Connecting room to 216 Green Room (eating) Programming
252 Office  
256 Fan Lounge Programming
266 Socializing Space Staff
Clackamas Gaming Gaming
Clark/Washington Main Events Programming
Event Space A Registration Registration
Event Space B Filk/Music Programming
Glisan Science/Social/Political Programming
Grand Ballroom Dealers/Art Show Dealers/Art Show
Jantzen Writing Programming
Lovejoy Podcast/Other Programming
Multnomah Tesla Coil Demo Programming
Overton Readings Programming
Pendleton Writing Programming
Pettygrove CS Overflow Programming
Timberline (Weyerhauser) Costuming Programming
Timberline (Crown Zellerbach) Costuming Programming
White Stag Writing Programming
Lobby Info Table Info Table
Lower Lobby Fan Tables Staff



Orycon 40


40 OryCon Map 20181007.pdf


OryCon 40 BEOs v2 Thu-Fri.pdf

OryCon 40 BEOs v2 Sat-Sun.pdf


Function Space Allocation for OryCon 40:


Main Level

Grand Ballroom West (2&3): Art Show

Grand Ballroom East (1&4): Dealers Room

Hayden: Registration, Artifacts and Operations

JB's Nightclub (available until 4 pm Fri, 6 pm Sat): Programming


Lower Level

Clark/Washington: Main Events

Multnomah/Clackamas: Gaming (Game Library, RPGs, LAN and Console Gaming)

Timberline (Crown Zellerbach & Weyerhaeuser): Music

Jantzen: Programming

White Stag: Programming

Pendleton: Programming


West Wing

Glisan and Rm 106: Hospitality

Flanders: OryKids

Rm 102: Family Lounge

Rm 116: Teen Space

Rm 202: Fan Lounge

Rm 206: Programming

Rm 216: Green Room


East Wing

Overton: Programming

Lovejoy: Programming

Pettygrove: Programming

Rm 152: Reading

Rm 156: Programming

Rm 166: Programming

Rm 256: Creation Station

Rm 266: Programming


Other Space

Tennis Courts (Daylight Hours only): SCA Demo, Nerf War

Knuckles: There are two small spaces on each floor and each wing, near the elevators, designated Knuckle W1A and W1B for the two on the 1st floor of the West Wing, etc., for a total of 16 in all. Suggested uses include Koffeeklatches and roleplaying games.



Orycon 39

Blank .rap files and the hotel map have been added to the Pages and Files under Hotel. Also added the UserLib.ral to the files page. If you have Room Arranger, please add that to the folder containing the operating files so you do not have to recreate the wheel.

Maps of the Function Space and of the Sleeping Room Space at the Red Lion are now available as PDFs.

OryCon 39 BEOs.pdf


Previous Hotels Hosting OryCon

Hotel - Marriott 2015-16

Hotel - Doubletree 2011-14


Hotel roles and responsibilities


  • Monitor room reservations and make reports, remind PR to promote room sales, obtain the reservation page from the Hotel and give it to the webmaster.
  • Update the Hotel page verbage on the webpage as room nights change
  • This year the Party Maven/Coordinator was not under Hotel and this caused a great deal of duplication of effort. 
  • Collect the names of those being given Staff Rate room nights and pass that along to the Hotel.
  • Make sure Guest of Honor rooms are reserved.
  • Work with the Hotel on Room Assignments for Parties, the 3rd, 4th, and 16th floors.
  • Work with Programming to determine room usage and layout.
  • Collect BEOs from the various departments: Programming for most; Gaming, Creation Station for their specific needs, Ops, Fan Tables, Registration, Hospitality, Art Show and Dealers. Keep track of table usage during this to make sure we don't use more tables or chairs than the Hotel has.
  • Get quotes and arrange for Pipe and Drape (Main and Hospitality) and the Light Tree for Main Events (this year Main Events did not have staff to get their own Light Tree)
  • Arrange for the GoH dinner with the Hotel restaurant.
  • Work with Dealers for Load In and Load Out of vendors (timing with the loading dock and limited unloading space in front of the Hotel can make this an issue)
  • Work with Ops to determine which rooms we get and when, and which rooms we need to vacate earliest on Sunday vs. which we have overnight.
  • This year, despite mine and my staff's complete lack of knowledge about how to set up or maintain the Internet for Registration, Dealers, and Programming, it fell under Hotel. I'd advise the chair to find someone actually competent to run that department. The budget item makes sense to be under Hotel, but not the responsibility.
  • Discuss with Chair about Suite use. Needs this year were: Programming Green Room, Fan Lounge, Teen Lounge, Child Care, and Gopher Hole. The last suite was given to one of the GoH. We also rented another room as a backup Gopher Hole.
  • Work with Hospitality on getting the menu and a copy of the food handler cards to the Hotel.
  • Assist Dealers in placing their coffee order with the Hotel. Assist Art Show with their banquet order for the Reception.
  • Arrange for the no-host bars if desired. This year we had three: Art Show reception, Friday Filk concerts, and Saturday Masquerade. This year all three came out of the Hotel budget, which makes them a hidden expense. I recommend moving them (and the funds to pay for them) to the relevant department budgets.
  • Arrange for power drops. This year those were in Main Events, Dealers, Hospitality, and Gaming. 
  • Put Video in touch with the Hotel so they can talk tech.
  • Arrange for the Pre-con Hotel meeting between Chair, Vice, Ops, Security and the Hotel. Usually on Wednesday or Thursday before the con starts.
  • Arrange for convention meetings at the Hotel throughout the year. Work with the Chair for when they should be scheduled.
  • Answer a zillion questions and get answers from the Hotel for the various departments.
  • Arrange pre-con with the Chair and Treasurer on how to tip the Hotel for the excellent service they are about to provide. This is for the staff that does not receive tips from the general memberships, such as the Banquet staff, Valet Captain, and the Banquet Manager.
  • If the Hotel has a method of singling out their staff members who particularly rocked it, make sure to gather recommendations from various con staff.
  • Go over final bill with the Hotel, then with the Treasurer and Chair. Expenses appearing on the bill may include: Space Rental Fees, Guest of Honor rooms, Guest of Honor dinner, Suites, Gopher Hole, Dealer's coffee, Art Show reception food, no-host bars, power drops, and Internet costs.


I highly suggest discussing these items with the Chair and Treasurer during the budget setting period to make sure that the appropriate departments are prepared to pay for their own actual expenses, but I have definite opinions on what should and should not be part of the Hotel Budget. (Pipe and Drape, Space Rental, Tip, Power Drops, and Internet yes. Guest of Honor expenses should go to GOH budget, bars should go to Art Show and Events, most Suites and Light Trees are Events, Gopher Holes are Operations, food and coffee go to their departments, etc. Your convention's opinion may vary.)


Thank you,

Debra Stansbury

Orycon 38 Lead Hotel Liaison

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