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Pocket Program

Page history last edited by Meredith 4 years, 3 months ago


  • Add floor level after the room name
  • Add panel descriptions 
  • Scheduled Gaming (manually add program grid)
  • Masquerade Ball photography? Will this be in the grid?
  • Dances should be part of programming grid




OryCon35 Pocket Program

OryCon35 Pocket Program - Cover image for web


OryCon36 Pocket Program

OryCon36 Pocket Program - Cover Image (for web)

Design Files (link to Dropbox)


OryCon 37 Pocket Program Draft

OryCon 37 Pocket Program Draft, Revision A

OryCon 37 Pocket Program Draft, Revision B


OryCon 41 Pocket Program (web version)



Pocket Program Content Requirements

COVER - 4 pages (black & white)

Note: Layout for the cover should be set up as a spread. Page dimensions should include 0.125" bleed. It is suggested that the Pocket Program use a cover and layout similar to the Souvenir Book.

  • spread pages 1 & 2 - front and back cover art (file shared on Dropbox)
  • spread pages 3 & 4 - Get Connected! Mobile schedule ad (inside front cover) and map (was OryCon ad) (inside back cover)


INSIDE PAGES - 104-122 pages 

Note: Starts as right-hand page, no bleed, finished size: 5.625"wide x 4.25"tall. For the spiral bound book (pocket program only) need to make sure inside margins are wide enough. We want to make sure that the hole punching for the binding doesn't interfere with the text. From binding edge to the edge of the punched holes for spiral binding will measure 5/16", so the inside margin needs to be about 5/8 inch (0.625").  

  • Table of Contents - 1 page

    • (OPTIONAL) Welcome message from the Chair  - See SB text

  • Hours of Operation - 2-3 pages

    • Note: Confirm event hours have been included per external events spreadsheet so they get loaded into the Electronic Program.  
    • List of department hours - See SB text
    • (OPTIONAL) Red Cross Blood Drive - Location, hours
    • (OPTIONAL) Food Carts - Name, location, hours  
    • (OPTIONAL) Hotel Restaurant Info - Hours, description 
  • Convention Info - 2-4 pages

    • Get Connected! - Schedule Mobile Website/App - See electronic program page text (done) 
    • Have a question? - copy text from SB
    • Call for Photos - copy text from SB
    • (OPTIONAL) Department Descriptions - See SB text 
  • Programming - 89+ pages total

    • Note: Group the grid and panel list by day 

    • Panel by Day and Time 40+ pages 

      • Adding panel descriptions adds 20+ pages)

      • Date, time, room, panel name, panelist names, descriptions 

    • Schedule Grid 22 pages 

      • O41 used new grid layout of 15min. Fri 12pm-12am; Sat 9am-12am; Sun 9am-6pm.

      • Add track names under the room name. Ex: Broadway OryKids, 3 Sisters LARPs, Cascade Open & Scheduled Gaming, Cascade Gaming Library, Grant Readings, Oregon Filking
    • Concerts/Readings/Autographs/Literary Beers/Kaffeeklatches - 4-6 pages
      • Date & time, panelist name, room
    • Panelist Locator/Stalker Schedule - 12 pages

      • panelist name, date & time, room. GoH names bolded.

  • Activities & Events - 8 pages

    • Department descriptions 
    • Daily Zine 
    • (OPTIONAL) Dealers List 
    • (OPTIONAL) Fan Table List - See Fan Tables page for list.
      • (OPTIONAL) add 1-2 sentence group description - See Fan Tables short descriptions page
  • Policies - 9 pages

    • See Policies page for content. Confirm with Chair that text is up-to-date.

    • Full text will be listed for all of the policies.

    • This may be duplicate information of what is published in the SB but it is important so it makes sense to publish it in as many places as possible.

  • Hotel Map - 1-2 pages (Map could cover inside back cover and last page as a spread)

  • Purchased Ads & Ad Swaps8 pages (if used) 

    • 4 dealer’s ads, 4 swaps/filler.

    • PP ad swaps may be given away to other cons that have been especially helpful to us (ex: RadCon & Norwescon). 

  • Optional



Other notes:

  • Use a larger inside margin (0.625") for spiral binding. 
  • Larger fonts is always a bonus. See Text Style Guide for details.
  • There should never be blank pages in the pocket program.  
  • Goal is to slide as much content into the book as possible.
  • Optional items can be added/cut based on space available. Information can be posted online and printed copies at the Info Desk. 

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