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Souvenir Book

Page history last edited by Meredith 4 years, 4 months ago

Souvenir Book Feedback:



OryCon35 Souvenir Book

Orycon35 Souvenir Book - Cover Image (for web)


OryCon36 Souvenir Book

OryCon36 Souvenir Book - Cover Image (for web)

Design Files (link to Dropbox)


OryCon 37 Souvenir Book Draft

OryCon 37 Souvenir Book Draft, Revision A

OryCon 37 Souvenir Book Draft, Revision B

OryCon 37 Souvenir Book Draft, Revision C


OryCon 41 Souvenir Book (web version)


Souvenir Book Content Requirements:

Text Style Guide


Page Totals

  • Cover (separate file) - 4 pages, add a 0.125" bleed outside edge
  • Inside B&W pages - 24 pages
  • Inside color pages - 16 pages


COVER - 4 pages

  • Note: Layout for the cover should be set up as a spread. Page dimensions should include 0.125" bleed. 

  • spread pages 1 & 2 - front and back cover art 
  • spread pages 3 & 4 - Premium Ads or GameStorm and OryCon ads


INSIDE B&W PAGES - 24 pages 

  • Table of Contents/Credits - 1 page

  • Intro Information - 3 pages

  • Activities & Events / Department Descriptions - 3 pages 

    • Note: Short paragraph of text ~100 words per department. A brief description about what people may find at that event and the information they will need if they want to participate or plan for next year.

    • Dealer’s List, Art Show List, Fan Tables List

  • Panelist Bios - 10 pages

    • General rule for non-GOH bios is 75-125 words (~600-700 characters). If there are fewer panelists, there will be room for longer bios. Middle of the road would be a 100 word/600 character guideline.

  • GoH Author Short Story - 1-4 pages 

    • (1 page = 700, 2 page = 1500 words)

  • Charities - ~2 pages 

    • (1 full page Endeavor Award ad, 3 editorial "sidebar" articles 100 - 300 words with photo/image for Clayton, Petry & Worldcon funds.)

  • In Memoriam - ⅓ page 

    • Short editorial "sidebar" article 100 - 300 words with photo/image if space allows.

  • The OryConian - ⅓ page 

    • Short editorial "sidebar" articles 100 - 300 words. 

    • Include contact info for submissions (newsletter@orycon.org) 



  • GoH Bios/Feature pages - 6 pages 

    • One page per GoH. 100 word bio looks good with 2 images. 500 word bio looks good with 1 image. High resolution images need to be ~4 inches or larger printed at 300 dpi.)
  • Featured Art Work - ~4 pages 

    • See Artwork Guide for more information. 
    • Space not filled with ads will have art work.
    • Center spread reserved for GoH Artist art.
  • Purchased Ads & Ad Swaps6 pages 

    • O36 2.7 pages sold, 9.25 pages swaps


Detailed Text for Souvenir Book Content

  • Note: Review text with each department to confirm accuracy and update text here. 

  • Letter from the Chair (Short editorial "side bar" articles 100 - 300 words with photo/image.) 

  • Orycon Policies & Information 

  • ConCom (will be pulled from Google Suite info 10/14)
  • Hours of Operation (Brief blurb as appropriate)

    • Art Show - approved 

Artist Check-in

Thursday 8pm-11pm 
Friday 8am-11am 
Open to Membership
Friday 1pm-7pm

Public Artist Reception at Fri 9pm, early entry at 8pm by invitation only.
Saturday 9am-8pm
Sunday 9am-1p
Sunday Auction

1pm-1:30pm Close-out for set-up 
1pm-2pm Auction 
2pm-5pm  Pick-up art/Tear-down

    • Child Care - approved 


3PM - 6PM

7PM - 11PM


10AM - 1PM

2PM - 6PM

7PM - 11PM


10AM - Noon

1PM - 3 PM

    • Dealers Room - approved 

Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 10am-4pm

    • Artifacts - approved 

Friday 2pm-6pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 9am-2pm 

  • Fan Lounge (Rm 266) 

Friday 1pm-11pm
Saturday 9am-11pm
Sunday 9am-2pm
*unless scheduled events

    • Fan Tables - approved 

Friday 12pm-7pm
Saturday 10am-7pm 

Sunday 10am-4pm

    • Gamestorm Library - need confirmed!
      Friday 12pm-12am
      Saturday 8am-12am
      Sunday 8am-2pm

      Open Gaming (rooms are open 24hrs)
      Friday 12pm - Sunday 2pm

      LAN Gaming 

Friday 12pm-10pm
Saturday 10am-10pm
Sunday 10am-2pm

    • Hospitality  - approved 

Friday:  10 AM - 2 AM
Saturday: 8 AM - 2 AM 

Sunday: 8 AM - 2 PM 

    • Info Desk - approved 

Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 9am-9pm
Sunday 9am-6pm

    • Registration 

Friday 9am-10pm
Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday 9am-2pm
OryCon 41 is proud to offer an entirely optional membership badge for
your Service Animal at absolutely no cost to you. This is not a
requirement in any way, but if you wish, you are welcome to register
your Service Animal for their very own commemorative badge.
After hours, Reg assistance will be provided in the Ops Rm 252.
OryCon 42 memberships will go on sale at noon on Sunday. Sales will
continue until around 2pm, depending on traffic. 

  • GoH Write-ups (100 looks good with 2 images. 500 words looks good with 1 image.) 
  • GoH Author short story (1 page = 700, 2 page = 1500 words) (Not included in O41)

  • Featured Art Work (See Artwork Guide for more info.)

  • Charities (Short editorial "side bar" articles 100 - 300 words with photo/image. Can text be reused each year?) 

The Petrey scholarship is a memorial to Susan, a friend and early member of Portland fandom.  Since her death in 1980 we have raised money to annually send aspiring wri­ters the Clarion Science Fiction Writer's Workshops.  This was an event Susan had hoped to attend herself but was unable to do so because of fin­ancial reasons. For Clarion West the fund also sponsors a Petrey Fellow, one of the professional writers who teach at the workshop.

OryCon is our main fundraising venue. Stop by the dealers’ room where eggs will be available for sale for $2. Every egg is a winner of a prize. Donations are always welcome. If you can help now, or at any time in the future, please contact us c/o Wrigley- Cross Books, 2870 NE Hogan Dr., Ste E, PMB 455, Gresham, OR 97030 or email us at susanpetrey@comcast.net or call 503-667-0807.

Currently, two scholarships are being awarded annually, one to Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop in San Diego and one to Clarion West in Seattle. Recipients for the scholarship have been selected by the workshop directors based on need and talent. In addition, for the last several years the fund has sponsored one of the Clarion West instructors as the Petrey fellow. See the full list of scholarship recipients and Petrey Fellows at osfci.org/petrey.

The fund is administered by us, ­and is legally a part of Oregon Science Fiction Conventions Inc., a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

Debbie Cross, Paul M. Wrigley

    • John Andrews Memorial Worldcon Scholarship - approved 

(scholarship@osfci.org Also, contact current Worldcon for images to use in ad like the logo and Progress Report cover)

The late John Andrews was one of the founding members of OryCon and OSFCI. Without his efforts, it is quite possible that neither would exist today. He was also very active in and devoted to Worldcon, the World Science Fiction Convention, which is held in a different city every year. In his memory, OSFCI provides a scholarship to send one person to Worldcon every year. The scholarship comprises of a membership for the Convention and a cash grant to help cover expenses. The 2020 Worldcon will be in Wellington, New Zealand, from July 29th to August 2nd, 2020. In order to be eligible, an applicant must have been active in OSFCI sponsored functions (including GameStorm and OryCon) for at least 2 years, and may not have attended a Worldcon for at least 5 years. If you'd like to apply, please do so by the end of January.

To apply, please download the application from from osfci.org/andrews and email it to <scholarship@osfci.org> or send it by US Mail to: OSFCI Scholarship Fund, PO Box 5703, Portland, OR 97228-5703

For information about the 2020 Worldcon, go to https://conzealand.nz.

The Clayton Memorial Medical Fund helps writers deal with the financial burden imposed by medical and dental expenses.  The Fund was created in July 1996 in response to the illness of Portland writer Jo Clayton.  Our initial funding came from a national campaign by writers and fans of science fiction and fantasy who wanted to help Jo, and the Fund was named in Jo’s honor after her death in February 1998.
The Clayton Fund helps professional science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery writers living in the Pacific Northwest.  (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska.)  While we mainly help with medical expenses and co-pays, we have occasionally helped pay for emergency dental care.  In the years since Jo’s death, we have sent nearly $25,000 to help Pacific Northwest writers facing medical emergencies.
In determining who is a professional writer, we generally follow the standards of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) for Active or Associate membership in determining professional status.
If you know of a Northwest writer needing help because of illness or injury, or if you are a writer needing such help, please email us at ClaytonFund@sff.net. Or mail us at: Clayton Memorial Medical Fund c/o OSFCI, P.O. Box 5703, Portland, Oregon 97228.
Donations may be sent to the “Clayton Memorial Medical Fund/OSFCI” at the above address, or made by PayPal on our Web site.  OSFCI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
Web Site: www.osfci.org/clayton/

full page image/ad 

  • In Memoriam

    • Optional text - Confirm with Chair & ConCom. There may not be a need for text.

  • Activities & Events / Department Descriptions (short paragraph of text ~100 words. A brief description about what people may find at that event and the information they will need if they want to participate or plan for next year)

    • Art Show (+ List of Artists)  - approved [get list from email]

The OryCon Art Show features fantastical works from all facets of fandom. From steampunk to faeries, dragons to deathstars our artists translate their visions into two and even three dimensions!  Stop by and see what your favorite local artist has been up to in the last year, and discover new artists who have recently joined us. While visiting the Art Show, be sure to fill out a ballot for the Member's Favorites Awards, and don't forget to fill out a Bidder Registration Card should you decide to join in the bidding!  
Featured events this year include body painter extraordinaire Matt Huntley. Drop by the foyer area of the Exhibit Hall on Saturday and watch as he transforms a live model into a work of art. Scheduled Artist Demos and Sketchbook Critiques are happening on Friday and Saturday, and Saturday morning, Mark Chapman will hold a Kinetic Sculpture Build and Race. This event is limited to 10 participants, materials will be provided. Sign up at the Art Show desk Friday afternoon (2pm-6pm). 
Art Show is located in the Exhibit Hall next to the Dealer's Room and is open to membership. Please do not bring in any food or drink. No photography is allowed in the Art Show. Want to help run Art Show next year? Meet artists, help with sales, and hang out with the cool kids? Drop a line to artshow@orycon.org and we'll sign you right up! 

    • Child Care - approved 

Childcare will be provided by professional adult nannies. The parent or legal guardian must sign a medical waiver so that the nanny can release the child for emergency medical care in the event of an emergency and the parents cannot be located in a timely fashion. We also require a liability waiver. Both forms will be available at check in. Scrip will be available at the rate of $5 per hour or 5 hours for $20. For security purposes, the room number will only be given to scrip purchasing convention members at the OryCon Info Desk in the main lobby.

Waivers are available on the orycon.org website. Low allergy healthy snacks, safe toys, G-rated videos, games and arts and crafts will be available. We plan on having beds and a playpen for naps in a separate room from the play area, in case your child needs quiet time. The kids always have a lot of fun. We do not have any spare diapers so please leave all the necessary supplies for infants and toddlers in training pants. Pajamas might be a good idea if the child is staying late. 

Hot meals, bottle or spoon feeding snacks, medication and special nutritional needs, are the responsibility of the parents. Please alert the nannies of any allergies. This service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The nannies are legally allowed to take only a certain number of kids (total number is age dependent) at a time. A $10 surcharge will be applied for late pickup. For more information or to donate child-appropriate items please contact childcare@orycon.org. 

    • Children's Programming/OryKids - removed examples of panels

OryKids’ goal is to provide a slate of programming to make OryCon a more family-friendly event and, of course, fun for kids! OryKids programs explore fan interests like gaming, costuming, crafts, music, science and writing as well as kid stuff like story times and play times. We have designed activities to appeal to a wide age range (3-12) with some events listing specific ages, and our programs are scheduled all in one room on the lower level, down the hall from the Dealer’s room. OryKids is made possible by a great group of volunteers, so please be kind to them! Please note that our programs are not childcare and that OryCon rules and common sense should guide caregivers in whether or not to accompany a participating child.

    • Creation Station - approved 

Creation Station (in Suite 206) is an autonomous collective of panelists, bringing innovative, audience-participation, welcoming, inclusive, progressive events  & safe space to cons since 2003! Mostly all-ages, kid-friendly, hands-on! Annual favorites, e.g., Doctor Who Live Script Reading, Fandom Food, & Kitten Caboodle, plus new innovations! 

Ask Gandalf the Grey Anything; Choose-Your-Own Adventure Play-Through;

Clay-O-Rama (make Play-Doh minis & battle!); Storytelling Through Fanfiction: Tips, Tricks, & Acceptance; Intro to Needle Felting; Spooky Creations (hands-on craft, run by kids for kids); Pokémon Go Meetup; Vegan Tastings Kids Making Games (kids teaching kids fundamentals of setting up rules and worlds); HOGWARTS HOMEWORK (immersive, multi-hour experience)

--Writing Wizardry: Making Quills & Wax Seals;--Herbology;--Divination;--Potions;--Quidditch Prep (Make a Golden Snitch);--Ollivander's Wand-Making;--Defense Against the Dark Arts; (learn how to play Wizards Unite);--O.W.L.'s (Harry Potter trivia);--Dumbledore's Army (Wizards Unite meetup);--The Quibbler (Make Field Recordings of Nargals!);

Could You Survive Space Travel? Live, Interactive Trivia Game!; --LGBTQ Youth Meetup;

Bees, Please! Raising Local Pollinators;--Intro to Soundboards; Tolkien Quest: Fanwork Creation Here (Create Fan Art/Crafts/Fanfics) and Back Again (Share Them)! Join us & enjoy!

    • Dances - approved 

This year we have DJ Dirty Mollie who will be rocking the ballroom Friday and Saturday nights. Mollie is an aficionado of many genres of music and loves to showcase her eclectic tastes for audiences everywhere. Expect to hear beats to get you on your feets as well as our midnight must haves. Dance begins at 10pm in the Mt. St. Helens Ballroom. We hope to see you there!

What do you need, or better yet, what do you really really WANT?  OryCon41 offers you over 40 Dealers to meet your every shopping need: New and used Books, Garb & Gear, Games, Music, Original Novels direct from the Authors, Jewelry, Blades, fine Leather work, and oh… did we mention BOOKS?

Please find us in the Grand Ballroom, at the end of the hotel’s main level, next to the Art Room; right on your way to many of the guest rooms, Hospitality, etc.   Get your treasures and memories here, where you’ll find shopping pleasure you can’t easily get elsewhere. And while you're shopping, don't forget to get your Eggs to trade for a wealth of goodies, all to benefit the Susan C Petrey Scholarship fund!

    • Fan Lounge (Rm 266) - approved
      The Susan C. Petrey Memorial Fan Lounge is a community area for fans to meet and hold gatherings during Orycon. It is also a room for individual fans to come, decompress, and have quiet conversations. It is a quiet, safe space. If your club/guild/committee/alliance/group of friends would like a free area to host a get-together, please sign up on the door of the lounge during theconvention. View orycon41.sched.com for the latest schedule information. Light refreshments will be provided, and the only requirement is that your event is open and welcoming to any fans who might wander in.
    • Teen Lounge  (Rm 116) - approved

Teen Lounge is a safe space for people ages 13-21 to be as geeky as they please. The Teen Lounge has a range of games that are both table top and console. There are plenty of snacks, drinks and like minded geeks. 

    • GEAR Con Lounge (Rm 202)- approved 

The Gaslight-fantastic Explorers, Adventurers, & Romantics Convention (GEAR Con) is Portland, Oregon's annual steampunk festival. Come visit the lounge to share tales, show off costumes, and enjoy the company of other steampunk (Victorian retro-futurism) enthusiasts and lovers-of-the-anachronistic.

    • Fan Tables (+ List of Tables) [get list from email] - approved

Need a break but don't want to miss the fun? Stop by the Fan Tables located in the main lobby and around the lower level landing. Here you can find a fan group to join, a future event to attend, and much more.

    • LAN, Open & Scheduled Gaming - approved
      Gaming returns to OryCon this year, with both video and tabletop gaming content! Come visit the Jantzen Room for panels from great area creators. The Multnomah Room will host our open tabletop gaming space, hosted by our sister convention GameStorm (and their library of games) (gamestorm.org)! And if you're looking for some video games or want to do some LAN gaming, our friends from Kumoricon will be hosting video games in the Clackamas Room (kumoricon.org)! Try your hand at one of our games, or bring your own and play with friends! Newly scheduled games will be added to the electronic program (orycon41.sched.com). Be sure to check for announcements at the bulletin board next to the GameStorm library.. 
    • Hall Costumes - no reply, printing anyway

What would a con be like without people in costumes roaming the halls? A lot less colorful all around and perhaps a bit less interesting for some. Costumes that people can see up close can be fascinating regardless of whether the outfit is simple or extravagant. It is a form of self-expression called wearable art and while some may say "Art who?", many would be disappointed to see it disappear. Hall costumes have started many a conversation and more than a few friendships. They've been around since the early days of the conventions and will most likely (hopefully) be around for a long time to come. Why do we give awards to people who make and/or wear these sometimes-silly, sometimes-scary, frequently thought provoking creations? To say "Thank You" for visually livening up a weekend for a lot of people and for having the courage (and talent) to do so. So to everybody in the "funny clothes" this weekend -- Thank you! 

    • Hospitality (Room 106) - approved

Hospitality is a perk and a service that OryCon provides to all members in attendance.  When people think of Hospitality they often think of food (and there will be plenty of snacks!) but the core of what the OSFCI Board, ConCom and Staff want to provide is a sense of welcome.   We invite you to think of Hospitality as a comfortable retreat within the bounds of the convention – sure, we have snacks to tide you over until your next meal and drinks to keep you hydrated – but the main service we provide is a comfortable place to sit and relax; to read a book, play a game, or engage with someone you might not otherwise get a chance to during the convention!

    • Masquerade Costume Contest & Fashion Show - approved

Welcome to the Costume Contest! 

Costuming and cosplay have been an inherent part of SF/F fandom since almost the very beginning. The first WorldCon, in 1939, had fans in costume. For some of us, it’s the primary reason why we attend SF/F conventions. And the great thing is, costumers can be of all ages and skill levels. It is with that in mind that we invite you to participate in OryCon’s costume contest! For those that want to just strut your stuff on stage, there will also be a costume fashion show before the main contest. Participation in one or both is highly encouraged.



5pm ~ Rehearsal/Check-in in the main ballroom. 

5:30pm ~ Seating for Masquerade and Fashion Show.

6pm ~ Costume Fashion Show.

6:30pm ~ Judging & Masquerade Contest in the main ballroom. 


Categories: • Young Fan • Novice • Apprentice • Journeyman • Master/Pro 

Entries are judged on workmanship and stage presentation. Please let the judges know if you are only competing for workmanship. Recreationists are asked to bring a source image.

    • Open Reading Critiques - no reply, printing anyway
      An Open Read & Critique (ORC) is an opportunity to read the first 750 words of your short story or novel aloud to your peers and receive a Clarion-style critique of your work.  Our theme is "How to Hook a Reader."  All writers and genres are welcome!  Look for sign-up sheets outside our meeting room starting Friday morning (first come, first served).  Content should be rated PG-13 and contain no explicit sex, graphic violence, or excessive profanity. More info online at www.orycon.org.
    • Volunteers - approved 

Want to be in on the know at the convention?  Have an hour to kill between activities?  You should volunteer because Orycon runs on Blood, Sweat, and Volunteers.  We know this, we have the T-shirt. Volunteers are the stuff from which great conventions are made. Some of it is a simple as sitting in a chair, checking badges. We have more complex stuff, but either way, we need you and its a great way to get that amazing feeling of helping out and feeling appreciated without making a huge time commitment.


And the perks!  The Perks!  We got stuff! There is cool swag available for volunteers on the last day of con.  Great things from the vendors’ tables and other wonderful items are donated just to reward volunteers. Picking order for your reward is based on hours worked. The fan with the most hours gets to pick their swag first, so the more hours you volunteer, the greater the chance of you getting the best swag.


Interested? Let us know!  Check out Volunteers at the Con or contact volunteers@orycon.org for more information.

    • Susan Petrey Egg Table - approved 

We've spent the last year scouring the world for the greatest Egg prizes available just for you. And at only $2.00 an egg, it's an easy and fun way to help us raise funds for the Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund. Currently the fund awards two scholarships annually, one to each of the Clarion Workshops.  The recipients are selected by the workshop directors based on talent and need.  In addition, the fund provides a grant to sponsor a Clarion West instructor each year who is designated the Susan C. Petrey Fellow. Each year, the Petrey Fund pays out more in scholarships and grants than our income from fund raising, so we need your help to help writers.

Buy an egg or ten.  And don't forget to check out the silent auction for those wonderful t-shirt quilts.  A great opportunity comes again if you missed last years! For more information, please visit osfci.org/petrey/  

    • Kaffeeklatches & Literary Beers - approved 

Meet with authors and artists for a cup of coffee/tea or an evening drink. Daytime Kaffeeklatches will be located in JBs Night Club (please bring your own beverage). Seating is limited, sign up at the Information Desk in the main lobby. Evening drinks will located in White Stag (drinks can be purchased at the bar outside of Ballrooms downstairs).

    • Departments not happening O41: 
      • Writer's Rest Hospitality Bar 
      • Music & New Song Contest
      • Writer's Workshop
      • Author Alley 
  • Panelist Bios and Categories (Data pulled from programming reports. Last report will be pulled Oct 18)
    • Category descriptions - ~100 word description giving a scope to each programming track 
    • Panelist Bios - Average guideline is 100 words/600 characters per panelist bio. Depending on the number of panelists the guideline could be more or less (75-125 word limit or 600-700 characters). The Panelist Locator will be in the PP. - Deadline for Panelist Bios Oct 14.

    • Author Readings / Autographs / Concerts

  • Ads (swaps and paid)

  • Info for connecting to electronic program (mobile site)

  • Note on how to stay connected to Orycon (website, FB, mailing list) [See electronic program wiki page for PR text]

  • Call for photos -

    • Did you capture a fantastic photo at OryCon this year? We would love to see and share your photos! Send a link to your online gallery to photos@orycon.org. Please include a statement from the owner of the work giving OryCon permission to reproduce, publish, and distribute the work for the purpose of promoting OryCon. Previous convention photos can be viewed at www.flickr.com/photos/orycon/. 

  • We want to hear from you!
    • The ConCom of OryCon are dedicated to constant improvement and last year we started a post-convention survey so that anyone can anonymously give input about their convention experience. The information from the survey and the traditional Onions and Orchids panel (panel details below) was compiled for use by the OryCon 36 committee.

The survey covers the departments of Registration, Member Services, Programming, Hospitality, Socials, Filking, Gaming, Fan Tables, OryKids, Creation Station, Dealers Room, and Art Show. We’re always looking to improve, so please take a few minutes to give us some feedback on your experience. 
Visit the OryCon36 Survey: sites.google.com/site/oryconsurveys/

    • Onions and Orchids

(when and where???)
This is your chance to give the OryCon committee feedback. Help us make OryCon better. This is also a great time to volunteer!


Other Souvenir Book Notes:




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