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General Notes & Feedback for Publications:

  • (O41) Note from Lea: based on number of O40 books left over, we should order 800 Souvenir Books and 1200 Pocket Programs for O41.
  • (O41) Open Dyslexi font -15 copies of the SB; 15 in large print San Serif. 


Pubs Contents


Production Roadmap 

OryCon 41 Roadmap (dates updated Aug 14, 2019 - Schedule CONFIRMED with printer.)


  • The roadmap is set up with a generic time frame specifying which week of the month a task is due. A more detailed deadline is listed if a task is due on a specific business day within the week (Monday - Friday). Example: Oct w2.1 means Monday on the second week of October.
  • Update the roadmap/time table below. Start with the dates of the con and work backwards to set deadlines.
  • Confirm deadlines: Contact the printers to confirm leadtimes. Communicate with the Chair and Programming lead to confirm when programming data is ready to test layout and to place final data. Confirm with Ad Sales about ad purchasing deadline. 
  • Progress Report schedule is on the Progress Report page.


O41 2019 Souvenir & Program Book

[Jul  w1]  Review Content Requirements with Chair

[Jul  w1]  Initial Dummy Scrubbed (page count confirmed), Initial Production Schedule Published

[Jul  w2]  Print Quote Requests Sent Out

[Aug  w1]  Printer Chosen, Production Schedule Confirmed & Published

[Aug  w3]  Initial Content Added for Layout

[Sep w1.1] Sep 9 Images, Artwork, and Department Text Collected

[Sep w2.1] Sep 16 Images and Artwork Prepped/Placed

[Sep w3.1] Sep 23 Draft Programming Information Placed (coincide with Shed.org setup to use the same data reports for initial layout)

** Sept 30 Ad Deadline ** (Note: All ad space must be reserved for layout at this time.)

[Sep w3.1] Sep 30 Departments Section Review

[Oct w1.1] Oct 7 Departments Section Approved

[Oct w2.1] Oct 14 Ad Art Due/Placed. First draft out for review.

[Oct w2.1] Oct 14 Dealers Room List, Fan Table, & Panelist Bios Placed

[Oct w3.5] Oct 18 Send Souvenir Book to Chair for review.

** [Oct w3.5] Oct 18 Pocket Program Final Programming Information Placed ** (Note: Deadline for the final programming data is ~1 week from delivery of files to the printer. When the final data is pulled all printed content frozen to changes. The online schedule should continue to be updated.)

[Oct w4.1] Oct 21 Chair Reviews Files (Note: 3 days requested for review). Final draft out to reviewers.

** [Oct w4.5] Oct 25 Files to Printer (by 9am), Proofs Generated ** (Note: Deadline to deliver files to the printer is ~2 weeks before the con. Upload files via FTP. Leadtime for generating proof is ~24hrs.)

Oct 28 Printer Proofs Ready for Review

Oct 28 Printer Proof Approved & Printing Begins (Note: Printing leadtime is ~2 days for printing and cutting; ~2 days binding.)

Nov 4 Printing Complete and Ready to Ship

** Nov 6-7 Delivered ** (Note: Boxes delivered Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning to Red Lion Hotel – Jantzen Beach, 909 North Hayden Island Drive, Portland, OR 97217)

Nov 8-10 Convention





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