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Dealers' Room Timeline (work in progress)

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Dealers’ Room – General Timeline



Receive applications. Process.


When the Volunteer Coordinator has been identified

Ask for door-sitters. Coordinate with the Art Show so that you don’t double up on the requests for the front door. This is an example request, covering the hours for both Dealers’ Room and Art Show:

Front Door, directly across from the main lobby


Thursday (Setup): 3PM - 11PM (You can quit at 8pm)
Friday (Setup): 8AM - Noon
Friday (Open): Noon - 7PM
Friday (Artist's Reception): 8:30PM - 10:00PM
Saturday (Open): 10AM - 8PM
Sunday (Open): 9AM - 4PM
Sunday (Teardown): 4PM - 7PM

Back Door 1 (Garage door nearest the hotel) in Dealers
Thursday (Setup): 3PM - 8PM
Friday (Setup): 8AM - Noon
Friday (Open): Noon - 7PM
Friday (Artist's Reception): none
Saturday (Open): 11AM - 7PM
Sunday (Open): 11AM - 4PM
Sunday (Teardown): 4PM - 7PM

Back Door 2 (Garage door furthest from the hotel) in Dealers
Thursday (Setup): 3PM - 8PM
Friday (Setup): 8AM - Noon
Friday (Open): Noon - 7PM
Friday (Artist's Reception): none
Saturday (Open): 11AM - 7PM
Sunday (Open): 11AM - 4PM
Sunday (Teardown): 4PM - 7PM

Beginning of September

  • Verify when the Hotel Liaison wants the map of the Exhibit Hall to present to the hotel (likely mid-September) and the Fire Marshal (likely mid-October).
  • Ask established vendors whether they'll be staying at the hotel. Subtract those from the number of parking passes you request as part of the BEO#.


BEO’s – mid-September?

  • Number and sizes of tables. Add a table for a water station and two tables for the Liaison’s Cave (One 6x30 for vendor things, one 8x30 for liaison things).
  • Number of chairs. Remember two for the Cave.
  • Water Station.
  • 3 gallons of coffee, one refill, one decaf. One round of tea. Ask for artificial sweetener.
  • Trash and recycling cans next to the Exhibit Hall entrance and in the Liaison's Cave. Have a cardboard box for deposit containers (pop, water).
  • Ask for parking passes (these should be complimentary - check with the Hotel Liaison):
  • ~7 for Thursday evening
  • Friday - Sunday: Take the total number of potential vendors, and request that many parking passes.


  • Ask for the parking immediately outside the garage doors to be blocked off for load-in/load-out Thursday - Sunday. It's not needed Saturday, but the hotel generally prefers to block it off for easier maintenance.


Early October

  • Ask the confirmed vendors whether they know what they will donate to the Volunteer Auction. Send the list to Publications and Volunteers for volunteer recruitment. Print about 40 OSFCI donation forms while you’re at it.
  • Consider an old sheet to tie up across the main entryway during closed times. Bring the means of tying with the sheet. It should be eight feet wide.



  • Send the Vendor Packet to verified dealers. Make sure to also send it to the vendors signing up thereafter.
  • Ask the Hotel Liaison to see if you can get into the Exhibit Hall Wednesday afternoon. If you lay out the blue tape and extension cords before the tables are set, you'll be done in half the time, 3-4 hours instead of eight.
  • Ask the Art Show Director if the dealers will bet inviations to the Art Show Reception.


A week before the con

  • Get a receipt book from the Treasurer for cash payments on Sunday if need be.


Dealer Memberships

  • As soon as you get the membership badges, check them against your list. Report discrepancies to Reg ASAP.




  • The larger door sign: just the hours


No food and drink

  • One sign on each door, next to the hours signs.




Find out when we get the radio. Decide between you and Art Show who’s going to pack the radio. Return the radio to Ops to get charged when need be, but it needs to stay in the Exhibit Hall while either Dealers’ or Art Show is open. Whoever has it last at night gets to keep it overnight.



  • Ask for as many door-sitter hours as you can get. It’s good to have them during setup and tear-down as well as during operating hours, and during the pre-open period Saturday and Sunday morning.
  • Verify whether there will be professional security.
  • Concerns: Open view from the windows (provide removable window coverings? Roving security inside the hall?)



  • If at all possible, lay out the tape and extension cords before the tables are set out by the hotel. Ask volunteers for help.



  • Mark the perimeter and spaces with blue tape. If the layout is pretty solid, you’ll need about 3 – 4 hours. If it’s still fluid, just get there as early as you can.
  • Use the longest tape measure you can get your hands on. Remember that the hall does not break up into perfectly even spaces. Measure front to back and along the back first. Proportion spacing as needed (especially needed on the back wall). Add a foot to a space with a pillar in it first.
  • Pipe and drape goes around the perimeter as well as enclosing the Liaison's cave. Put the DnP *behind* the pillar in front of the Cave.


Side note: have a trash can, recycle bin and deposit return bag in the Liaison cave. It may cut down on the post-tear down trash.



  • Have coffee available for the beginning of setup.
  • Mention the Volunteer Auction just before opening. Start gathering donations.
  • Get the invitations to the Art Show Reception if they're being provided, and distribute.



  • Maintain. Breath.
  • Finish gathering the Volunteer donations by end of day Saturday. Deliver to Volunteers by 11am Sunday morning.



  • Run until 4PM. Book Universe needs about four hours for tear-down.
  • Hand out next year’s apps. Give the accumulated monies to the next year’s Treasurer if possible, this year’s if not.
  • Get as much help as you can watching for badges during tear-down. Make sure that everyone packing a box out the door has a badge. 


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