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Hall Awards (Costumes)

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Hall Awards are ribbons given out by a designated person or persons to con-goers in costumes.


It is requested that the designated person/s be well versed in all manner of costuming/cosplay/fandom so that they can accurately judge who is in costume. However it is perfectly acceptable to award a ribbon to someone who's outfit is note-worthy regardless of if they are in costume/cosplay.


Some points of note:

  • When looking at a costume/cosplay look at the effort put into it. If you can see someone tried hard to recreate it regardless of outcome it should be awarded.
  • Look for unique takes on character re-creation. Did someone make David Tennant's (DR Who#10) outfit out of duct tape? Reward that.
  • Children who participate and try should be awarded. They or their adults put time and effort into it even if it looks like everyone elses.
  • Store bought costumes are worthy costumes. Some people do not have the ability or time to create their own and that's ok.


The Hall Award Ribbons are ordered along with the Convention Ribbons and are year specific, meaning they will show the year and convention number on them for commemorative reasons.


*Please note that Hall Awards are different than Cosplay/Masquerade/Costume Contest awards. Those awards are given only to participants of the specific event and are detailed on another page.


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