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Creation Station

Page history last edited by RemSaverem 12 years, 6 months ago

This is OryCon's third year hosting a Creation Station, and we truly hope and intend to continue our collaboration for many years to come! We love OryCon devoutly and are very grateful to be here :D.


Creation Station is a crew, an overall gestalt approach to programming, and a room full of exciting workshops and events, from the most G-rated to the most 18+, all con. All but two of our panels are in the Washington Room of the Executive Meeting Center; the other two, right across the hall in Jefferson/Adams. Our Art Contest is in collaboration with the Teen Lounge; art supplies will also be available there during it.


Our overall gestalt approach to programming is to be a warm welcome wagon for anyone, of any age and any skill level, who is new to something -- new to OryCon specifically, new to science fiction cons generally (especially if bridging from anime cons, as our crew did), or especially, new to being a panelist, or new to experimenting with a type of fan creation taught in one of our panels, or new to experimenting with a type of fan performance encouraged in one of our panels.


Our panels are all about audience participation. They are usually either DIY, teaching attendees how to engage a type of writing, editing, art, craft, costuming, cosplay, etc.; or they are hands-on crafts, usually with attendees leaving with something they can take home, including our crafts for the youngest kids; or they are open mics for audience participation, including our most adult-only panels.


Our crew this year is at least 23 people, running 28 panels.


We are open in the Washington Room of the Executive Meeting Center from 3pm Friday to 2am Saturday, from 9am Saturday to 1:30 am Sunday, and from 9am Sunday to 4pm Sunday.


Our Art Contest, in collaboration with/ concurrently running in Teen Lounge, runs from 1pm to 3pm Saturday. During this contest, an instructor from Copic Markers will be offering tips in First Steps Toward Fantasy Drawing & Coloring with Copics, in the Washington Room.


Our two panels in Jefferson/Adams are Rose City Steampunk Film Fest Highlights, Saturday, 4pm to 5pm, and Doctor Who Fandom: Tiptoe Through the TARDIS, Friday, 8pm to 10pm.


Our G-rated kids' crafts (available to all ages, but accessible for young kids) begin 7pm-8pm Friday with Make Your Own Sonic Screwdriver, and include a block 9am-1pm Saturday (Tribbles & Bits!, Wear Your Geek!, & the new Blinky Bots), followed by the new Faux Gems & Jewels for Cosplay & Crafting, Saturday 4pm-5pm, Making Medieval Tunics, Sunday 9am-12pm, and Make Your Own Pocket Clone! Sunday, 3pm-4pm.


Our anime-related programming includes AMV Clinic, Friday 3pm-4pm, Making Manga, Friday, 5pm-6pm, and the 18+ Drawing Yuri & Drawing Yaoi, respectively 1am-2am Saturday and 12:30am-1:30am Sunday.


Our other adult-only content includes Erotic Bedtime Stories, 10pm-11pm Friday,

and our two new gaming-related panels, Gamers' Lovers United, 11pm Friday-12am Saturday, and Gaming Glory Stories, 12am Saturday-1am Saturday., as well as our new cosplay panel, Cosplay Lighting, 5pm-6:30pm Saturday, and returning favorites GIMP Introduction and Fantasy Tutorial, 8pm-9pm Saturday, Stand Up for Geeks! (stand-up comedy performance), 9pm-10pm Saturday, and Embody Your Fantasies (body painting), 10:30pm Saturday-12:30am Sunday.


Other returning favorites include Simplifying RPG Systems, 6pm-7pm Friday, Self-Publish Your Novel Right Now, 3pm-4pm Saturday, and Become Your Own Medieval-Industrial Complex (Basic Blacksmithing), 12pm-1pm Sunday.


Other amazing additions this year include Hands-On Ironworking, 1pm-2pm Sunday, and Custom Corsets: Construction and Q & A, 2pm-3pm Sunday.


We hope to see you in Creation Station! For further information, or to join & help, contact Creation Station Founder & Manager, Ellen Klowden, aka, Rem, (541) 606-0318, rem.saverem.was.right@gmail.com


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