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Events Tech

Page history last edited by Linnea 2 years, 9 months ago

OryCon 41

List of tech borrowed from another org:


For the ballroom:

1-Mixer board

1-Lighting control board

2-Mackie 1532 speakers

2-Mackie 1530 speaker

2-Mackie subs

4-Mackie 450 speakers

2-speaker stands

Cable snake


For Filk:

2-smaller mixer board, can be replaced with 1 board with enough inputs

4-Mackie 450 speakers

Drum mic kit

Cable snake


Shared equipment between the 2 spaces:

11 DI boxes

14 microphones

XLR cords

mic stands

extension cords and power strips






I'm doing this job, and finding very little information about what is supposed to be done and how.  So I'll be documenting it as I go.


My initial instruction was that I'm in charge of "large rented equipment" and "pipe and drape."  Further questioning suggests that the people who will want to use the equipment are 'presenters', which includes both people putting on large events and people doing Programming sessions.  'Pipe and drape' seems to be what we do to organize the Dealer's Room; if I discover any other uses for Pipe and Drape I will update this. <B>UPDATE:</B>The art show, too.


I have had people asking me for gaffer's tape and power-strips.  I don't think my job description was originally supposed to cover this, but laying in a supply of each just-in-case seems like an excellent idea. If it turns out to be useless, I can always hunt down the original requestors and gaffer-tape them to power-strips. <B>EDIT</B> Order gaffer-tape at least a week in advance; ULine.Com seems to have the best price-per-case, and we do need that much if we don't already have a couple of dozen rolls in stock.  We need both 2" and 4" wide tape.  All-black is OK, but if we can get some dark blue in there also that's better.  <B>END EDIT</B>


What I'd *like* to have at this point is:

*a phone-and-email list of all presenters, so I can have contacted them and found out what tech they would like to have

*a list of all the tech we already have or can easily borrow for free, from whom, and how to get ahold of them

*a list of vendors for the machines we need to rent, along with their rate sheets,

*a map of where we want pipes and drapes, and contact data for where I'm supposed to get them from, along with price lists if applicable

*A list of usual suspects for crew to set up the piping and draping, if we have one. 


What I *have* as of 10/15 is a forwarded email directing me to get a bunch of equipment from Kumoricon.  This is good and positive, but insufficient.


What was here before I started writing was:


This page should have information about small tech such as:


  • What equipment is needed
  • Where we obtain it
  • Notes about set-up

Comments (2)

tracy said

at 2:54 pm on Oct 29, 2014

Stuff we need from K-con:
6 mackie main speakers, 4 mackie subwoofers. (not for sure if its 4 and 2 though.. but as many as we can get is better.)
Box of speaker and misc patch cables.
2 roll of mic cables (xlr)
1 snake.
box of extension cord and power cables.
1 large mixer
6 yamaha monitors.
3 portable all-in-1 PAs
6 projectors
6 projector screens.

stuff from eye-beam:
2 Genie Towers
30' of Trussing
30' of 16' Black Banjo Drape for on stage
66' of 8' Black Banjo Drape for the sides
216' of 8' Royal Blue Banjo Drape for the Dealers Room

Stuff we need from hollywood lights (I will happily go with you to reserve or get this stuff)

12 LED PAR 64 Cans
6 Source 4 jr Ellipsoidals with dmx dimmers
2 moonflower style DJ lights
DMX Controller

tracy said

at 2:57 pm on Oct 29, 2014

This year we went through Peter Corvallis Productions. We were able to get everything that we get from eyebeam and from hollywood lights all at one shop. They are also local to portland thus making transportation costs less.
You can reach them at 503-222-1664

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