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Electronic Program

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2021: https://orycon42.sched.com

2019: https://orycon41.sched.com

2018: http://O40.sched.com

2017: http://O39.sched.com

2015: http://o37.sched.com

2014: http://orycon36.sched.com/

2013: http://o35.sched.com/




NOTE: When you create the Sched site, the default name may be excessively long. As of 2018, the default name was orycon402018.sched.com. Contact customer service to get it renamed to something easier for a mobile user to type.


Setup Layout of Sched.org 


  • icons 75x75
  • banner 1900 wide 


Adding "Policies", "Activities & Events" and "Member Services"


       Note: Adding our categories of information is a hack of Sched.org. Technically we are adding people profiles under roles that we have renamed. E.G. "Signage" is a person whose name is Signage, has a profile picture of the policies icon, and a bio/description with the signage policy.


  • Under "Directory", click on "Settings" (on the second menu row at the top of the page) 
  • Edit the boxes to rename to our on categories and save.
    • Attendees --> Members
    • Speakers --> Panelists (report defaults to load all of our panelists into the "speakers" role
    • Artists --> Policies
    • Sponsors --> Activities & Events
    • Volunteers --> Member Services
    • Exhibitors --> currently unused 
  • Under "Directory", click on "Policies", "Activities & Events" and "Member Services" (on the second menu row at the top of the page) and add the convention information. Use previous year's sched.org sites as examples of information to post. Text can come from Pubs and the website. 



Setup & Full Data Upload of Sched.org 

Note: Not all event information is contained in the programming database. Therefore, it takes two files to upload all the convention event data into Sched.org. 

Step 1: Convert program.csv spreadsheet from programming database.

    1. Download template from Sched.org. (To get template: Log onto the Sched.org admin dashboard: https://orycon41.sched.com/editor/ or click on "Schedule", then the + symbol on in the upper right. Click on hyper link for "Download spreadsheet")
    2. Get program.csv from Programming Tech (or Pubs) Or log into http://www.orycon.org/cpdb/admin/ and click on "programming output" under the Publications Manager. 
    3. Change extension from .csv to .txt.
    4. Open program.txt in Excel, designating upcaret (^)(Shift+6) as the delimiter. (Use File - Open rather than right-clicking the file and selecting 'Open with ...')
    5. Skim the panelist list (both aggregate and moderator) for names which include a comma, e.g., "Smart Person, PhD". Remove commas because "Smart Person, PhD" becomes two panelists, "Smart Person" and "PhD".
    6. Skim the Description field for odd characters. Examples: Find/Replace ’ for an apostrophe, \' for ', and so forth. 
      1. Important note: Rhiannon Louve uses "ξir" as ?ξeir? possessive pronoun. Watch for "ξir".
      2. Replace ñ with ñ.
      3. Look for random "Â"
      4. Replace "€œ" and "€ " with quote marks or apostrophe. 
    7. Check the Category list for entries with commas, e.g., "SOCIETY, POLITICS, & HISTORY". Remove commas because commas make one category, "SOCIETY, POLITICS, & HISTORY", into three: "SOCIETY", "POLITICS", and "& HISTORY". Particularly unfortunate on that last one.
    8. Copy all, and paste into the template starting at row 9 (may need to enable editing/saving).
    9. Save 

Step 2: Upload converted programming database spreadsheet.

    1. Log onto the Sched.org admin dashboard: https://orycon41.sched.com/editor/ click on "Schedule", then the + symbol on in the upper right. 
    2. Under Import Sessions, select file and "upload." 

Step 3: Upload External Events.xls spreadsheet.

    1. Download External Events spreadsheet: O41 (updated)

(Historical files: O39O38O37, O36) Note: Always keep the latest version of this spreadsheet on the wiki.

    1. Log onto the Sched.org admin dashboard: https://orycon41.sched.com/editor/
    2. Under "Schedule", then the + symbol on in the upper right. 
    3. Select file external events.xls and "upload."  


Note: External Events.xls should have the following events at minimum:

    • Events for Office hours, Info Desk hours, Art Show hours and Dealers hours. Use category "Member Services".
    • Events for general panels which don't have panelists assigned: Open Barding Filking, LARP, Gaming, Masked Ball, Dances, ?.
    • There should be one row of data for each set of hours (3 days = 3 rows)



Updating Sched.org


  • At minimum, a full reload of the Sched.org data will be completed once a week (Sundays) until just before con.
  • The last full reload will happen two days before the con.
  • Beginning on Friday, updates to events will be entered in individually. The update schedule at the con will coincide with the release of the Daily 'Zine.


To perform a full reload:

Note: For a full reload, it is easier to delete everything and reload it. 

Log onto the Sched.org admin dashboard: https://orycon41.sched.com/editor/


Step 1: Clear the panelists.

  1. From the top menu, click on Speakers. 
  2. Select check box next to Speakers, then from the Bulk Actions drop down menu select Remove.  


Step 2: Reload updated spreadsheets

  1. Proceed per "Sched.org setup - Full Data Upload" 
  2. You will want to delete the rows on the downloaded template from Row 9 on. Then paste the updated programming report data. 

Note: You cannot use the template to delete sessions. Deleting can be done within your event's control panel only. You are free to delete rows in the spreadsheet, but those sessions will remain in your system still, even after re-importing. (http://support.sched.org/customer/portal/articles/859549-import-sessions)



To perform an individual event update:

Note: These instructions are for updating a singular event. This should happen at the con with information provided in the Daily 'Zine.

Log onto the Sched.org admin dashboard: https://orycon41.sched.com/editor/

Under "Schedule" / "sessions", search for the panel to be edited.

Click on the panel name and make necessary changes.

Click "publish" to save changes.


To add a new individual event:

Note: These instructions are for adding a singular event. If mass loading or uploading needs to be done see instructions above.

Log onto the Sched.org admin dashboard: https://orycon41.sched.com/editor/

Under "Schedule"

Click on "+ Add Session"

Enter necessary data (look at existing panels for examples)

Click "publish" to save new panel.



Sched.org usage




Example Promotional Text 

Get Connected! 


OryCon programming is available online via a mobile-friendly website at orycon41.sched.org. No account is necessary to view the programming information. Set up a free account with Sched and you can create your own custom OryCon schedule. 

Don’t Miss an Event

All of OryCon programming is listed online. Panels can be sorted by date, track topic, location, and by panelist. View the Sched site in any mobile browser and you will automatically be served the mobile optimized version. You can save a shortcut on your home screen. 

Stay Up-to-Date

Sched will cache the schedule data to your mobile device for offline access. Use the “refresh” button in the options menu while connected to the internet and Sched will update your programming data with the latest OryCon information. OryCon staff will update Sched data regularly throughout the con.

Share with Friends

Sched.org has optional social features that are integrated with Facebook, Twitter and email to easily share your custom schedule with your friends. You can connect your Sched account to any of these social networks via the settings page. 

Need Support? 

For additional support with Sched visit support.sched.org.



QR CODE for orycon41.sched.org/mobile



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