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Staff Registration

Page history last edited by Lisa Godare 7 years, 8 months ago


It is a password protected page - feel free to ask the chair or webmaster for the password, if needed.


Even though it is password protected, it is by no means "secure".  I believe the plan is to refund/cancel any membership that is not determined to be a valid concom or staff registration - so - if you don't want to have confused staff or be harassed by Registration, your best bet is to give Registration a list of approved staff for your department ;)


Staff and concom have different registration rates, but both can register from the same page.  There is a dropdown, the default is for staff.  


Basically, the entire system of staff registration is trusting the user, despite the password.  I expect there may be issues, questions, concerns, confusion - there's going to be some adjusting.  I'm sure we can all work together to make it as smooth as possible, and fix what needs fixing as it comes up.


One note:  The confirmation shows the form submission information, like name, department, etc.  It also shows "paid" or "unpaid" - and sometimes shows "unpaid" when it is, in fact, paid.  It's a timing issue resulting from gluing a commerce module and a form module together.  If anybody asks about it, if they have the confirmation email they ARE paid, regardless.  Someday I might get around to fixing it. 


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