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Small Tech

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Small Tech, dealing with relatively small components like projectors and microphones needed for Programming panels, is so named to distinguish it from Large Tech, which provides the components necessary for events held in the ballroom such as lighting and sound boards.  Large Tech, or Events Tech, is a department separate from Small Tech, which is considered part of Programming.


In the past, Small Tech has been handled by Programming staff, and involved planning far in advance of the convention to acquire, lease, or borrow equipment for use during the convention. Since 2011, however, staff from Kumoricon have volunteered to both provide the equipment and make sure it gets to the correct panels during the convention.  Items used in Small Tech in the past few years are listed here:


Provided by Programming
Provided by Kumoricon
Video Projectors (and cables)
Dry Erase Markers
Audio speakers
Permanent Markers
Microphones (corded and wireless)
Writing Pads Combo systems (projector+sound)










There are two key steps to a successful Small Tech.  One is to collect from Programming the panels that will need Small Tech, and what kind they will need.  The second is to get this list into a form that is helpful to Kumoricon and see to it that they get it early enough to do their own planning.  Contacting Kumoricon in July or August is not a bad idea, even if we won't have programming info until August.  Small Tech items are usually programmed like panelists, so you can use the same utilities to see their "schedules" and provide them to others.  Items provided by Programming are sometimes walked in by staff, and other times panelists are advised to come get them before the panel starts. (Make sure your panelists know which plan is in place!)


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